Advertiser Benefits


Active Communities

We host niche communities of helpful individuals who share their advice and experience with each other. The typical exchange on our forums is question and answer format. When a member needs help, they post a message to the private forum. We email notifications to active members who can then respond moving that person closer to a solution.

New conversations begin regularly and we send 1,000s of notification emails each month - each an opportunity to promote your products and services.

Qualified Prospects

Members of our private forums must meet specific qualifications to be a member of their user groups. By targeting these groups, you can be sure your advertising dollars are reaching the individuals who matter most to your company.

Recommended Vendors

Your prospects reach our forum seeking solutions to a specific problem. Our proprietary software suggests relevant vendors as a potential solution. This approach presents your company, as a useful solution to potential customers at their moment of need increasing the chances you’ll be considered before or along with your competition.

365 days per year

We offer an affordable advertising subscription that promotes your company and products/services all year long. It’s like having a marketing person dedicated to generating leads and building brand awareness (which compliments your annual conference exhibition efforts if you participate.)